Struggles pretty girls go through.

Being pretty is so, so hard. It’s both a blessing and a curse. You can’t have your cake and eat it. It has its challenges which most people don’t know about. Something that many people will never fully understand is the struggle pretty girls face on a daily basis. Below are 15 struggles of being the Pretty’ Girl.

1.The prettiest girl in the room tends to be the most hated. You will just hate her ’cause you ain’t her. Even if she’s kind and sweet and has done nothing wrong, people become overwhelmed with jealousy and instantly start ripping her apart.

2. Relationships are more difficult. People become too intimidated to strike up conversation, in their own insecurities and doubts start believing that the beautiful girls are out of their league, and so they only get approached by creeps and overly-aggressive weirdos.

3. They intimidate fellow women.Girls get cattier if you speak more than two sentences to their boyfriends. You’re not hitting on them. You’re just having a conversation. But insecure girls will immediately jump and remove them from the temptation, as though pretty girls aren’t capable of being self-aware too.

Kihuga Winnie
Winnie Kihuga November 2016

4. People assume they’re unintelligent/stupid. They assume beautiful girls are too pretty to be smart.

5. They’re always in a tiny spotlight. Their actions are picked apart and their words are constantly used against them. People are always staring, searching for a flaw to make themselves feel better.

6. They are often judged by their looks.Men presume that they are whores and  bitches because they look hot. They cannot wear normal clothes because everything looks too sexy on them. This makes life miserable.

7.The average man is intimidated by beautiful women.They all assume that she is a foreskin manager in a sponsor’s mall.Blame the society for creating the assumption that beautiful women either can’t stay faithful or are only interested in wealthy powerful men.

8. They are constantly being catcalled; their bodies made commodity. People will use us like a trophy or a prop. I cannot tell you how many guys ask me out only because they want a beautiful girl beside them. I am just an accessory, like an expensive tie, or a flashy car.

9. The negative assumptions about beautiful women. Her good college grades, it will be assumed, were sexually transmitted from grey-haired professors. They cannot be successful in their careers without being accused of sleeping their way to the top or having only gotten where they are because of how they look.

10. The attention you attract may be dangerous. Most of the people you’ll encounter are harmless. However, not everyone will respect your boundaries, and unfortunately, we can’t pick and choose who we do and don’t want attention from.

11.Beauty is beastly. There’s evidence that female beauty can be a problem in jobs with strong gender stereotypes. For example a beautiful woman may be at a disadvantage when applying for a job which is associated with masculinity, like a prison guard or a mechanical engineer.The same doesn’t seem to be true for attractive men as they can happily apply for jobs as nurses, or PR persons without their beauty counting against them.

12.Experiences Sexual harassment most of the time. This becomes routine as men clamber to crush their crotches on her posterior in over loaded matatus and ferries.

13. They are always the best looking in photos.Friends will avoid going out or taking pictures with them, and will actively make them feel guilty and bad for putting themselves together to go out for a night, as though they’re doing something wrong.

14. No one imagines you have any problems . They feel fortune has smiled on you already. You can’t need anything. You’re fair game, you are too beautiful, they think, ever to be hurt or to lack anything.

15.Nobody will care who you are (on the inside). As human beings we tend to judge other people based on first impressions. It’s a subconscious thing and perfectly natural. You’re judged and your personality is being overlooked in favour of your appearance.



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